La comunità Mac

Fenomeno di costume, simbolo di uno stile di vita originale, inconfondibile, anticonformista, icona del “Think different” style, Macintosh è diventato un vero e proprio oggetto di culto. La comunità Mac si è formata intorno a Apple e al suo leader carismatico Steve Jobs è costituita da persone che amano differenziarsi dal resto del marasma informatico e riconoscersi sotto un unico luogo, un unico nome, un’ unica passione.Apple


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Intervista a Jonathan Ive

Sul Telegraph, all’indirizzo possiamo trovare una bella intervista a Jonathan Ive, il disegnatore dell’iMac e dell’iPod.

Ecco cosa dice l’intervista:

here are two things you need to know about Jonathan Ive, inventor of the iPod music player and the iMac computer. First, he is the most important British industrial designer of our time. He changed the way millions listen to music and helped liberate computers from dull beige boxes.

Second, he is rather shy. He may be one of Britain’s hottest exports, but he does not usually do interviews.

Jonathan Ive has changed the way we listen to music
“Don’t ask any personal questions,” the marketing man from Apple warned. “He doesn’t like personal profiles. Talk about design, but stay away from questions about his background.”

Am I allowed to ask his age? A pause. A slightly menacing one. “To me, that sounds like you want to do a personal profile.”

It is all a bit odd really. It is the sort of instruction normally given before an audience with the Pope, or even Cherie Blair, rather than a chat with a designer at a computer company.

But then Ive is no ordinary designer and Apple is no ordinary company. The Essex expat is responsible for some of the most iconic gadgets of the last decade.

In 1998, as head of design at Apple in San Francisco, he revolutionised computer design, and helped reverse the company’s failing fortunes, with the original iMac – a computer placed inside a coloured translucent television.

It was followed by increasingly clever updates – an iMac that looked like an angle poise lamp and one that looked like a flat LCD television screen.

And then came the iPod. At the turn of the millennium Ive and his team of designers realised they could fit a computer hard drive into a box the size of a deck of playing cards and use it to store thousands of songs. For the first time it was possible to carry your music collection in your pocket.

Its success was not just down to clever electronics. Critics said it looked fantastic and was ridiculously easy to use. Much copied, but never bettered, there are 30 million iPods out there today.

After all the pre-interview warnings, it is a bit of a shock to meet Jonathan Ive in the flesh. He is a personable, charming and relaxed figure in his late 30s (actually he is 38 but don’t tell the Apple PR people) with cropped black hair, jeans and a quietly fashionable jacket and open shirt.

He speaks quietly and thoughtfully, with the slightest touch of Estuary English.

And despite the tendency to slip into “corporate-speak” – presumably as he remembers he is not just the world’s most influential designer, but also the senior vice president of one of the world’s biggest computer companies – he obviously believes he has the best job in the world.

Ive talks down his key role in “inventing” the iPod and iMac, stressing the contribution of the manufacturing, software, hardware and electronic teams in his charge.

“Our goals are simple. We genuinely try to make the very best product that we can. We have a belief that we can solve our problems and make products better and better. It’s a simple goal to articulate, but a difficult one to achieve.”

Ive grew up in Chingford, Essex, the son a teacher turned school inspector. He studied design at Newcastle Polytechnic and, in 1989, he became a partner at Tangerine, a London design consultancy working on, among other things, wash basins and power tools. In 1992 he attracted the attention of Apple and moved to California.

He is fiercely protective of his privacy and details of his lifestyle are scarce. He lives in a two bedroom house in Twin Peaks with his wife Heather – a writer and historian he met in England.

He enjoys the company of musicians and loves music, getting British friends to keep him up to date with latest bands. His one concession to luxury appears to be his Aston Martin.

Ive’s reticence has added to the fascination about the man, particularly among the millions of Apple devotees.

That devotion comes from Ive’s and Apple’s philosophy that their computers and music players should be simple to use and beautiful to look at.

Apple does not do video players, but if it did you would no longer need an 11-year-old to programme them for you. They would be easy, intuitive. And probably white.

The fans say each product just seems to get better. The latest Apple range included the “impossibly small” iPod Nano, the first video iPod and a new iMac – a powerful computer and home entertainment system crammed into the casing of a flat screen television.

There are common threads in Ive’s and his team’s design. There’s a love of white plastic and a hatred of clutter. You will be hard pressed to find a visible screw, or an unnecessary button on an Ive-designed product.

The remote control that comes with the new iMac, for instance, does a dozen functions with one large button. The nearest rival’s remote control has at least 40.

Ive – who says he gets his inspiration from the everyday stuff that surrounds him – believes that design and ease of use are as important as function. Part of that ease of use comes from obsessive attention to detail.

Put Ive in front of one of his iMac babies and his enthusiasm is infectious. “Look at this. When you put it to sleep – suddenly there’s a small white light that appears on the front. But you only see that there’s a light there when it’s switched on. If it’s not switched on, there’s no need to see it.”

He tilts the heavy screen back and forth effortlessly with a finger. “Now this was very difficult to get right.”

The team spent months getting the hinge connecting the base to the screen perfectly balanced so it stayed in position.

Even the material for the metal base was specially designed so that the machine did not slip when the screen was being tilted back. The material was essential because Ive does not like rubber feet on his creations.

Worried about losing the remote control? Ive’s version has a magnet inside so it sticks to the side of the computer. Hate ugly silver stickers on the back? Serial numbers are etched on the casing instead.

“What you and I are left to deal with are the things we care about. All of the stuff that makes this technology possible is resolved in a way that doesn’t force you to deal with it. We are left with this gorgeous display. I love the way this solves lots of problems in such a calm and serene way.”

The aim, he says, is to create gadgets that can be used without looking at the instruction book.

So why is so much stuff out there so badly designed? Why is it so hard to programme a video or change the clock on the microwave oven?

“It’s sad and frustrating that we are surrounded by products that seem to testify to a complete lack of care. That’s an interesting thing about an object. One object speaks volumes about the company that produced it and its values and priorities.”

He may not be a household name, but he is not quite the unsung hero of British design. In the last few years he has won a host of awards – including the Royal Academy of Engineering president’s medal and the London Design Museum’s designer of the year.

You can sense that he is delighted – if a little bemused – by the plaudits and praise. But what gives him his greatest kick is when people give him their iPod stories – when they tell him that his invention has let them rediscover lost music of their youth, or when it has let them fall in love with music again.

“What’s really great is when you talk to a friend or someone you don’t know comes up and wants to talk about what the iPod meant for them. That’s really fantastic,” he says.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about the music.”


iCrash 3.0.1

iCash è la migliore soluzione per la gestione completa, facile ed
economica delle vostre finanze!

Le principali novità introdotte sono:

==> Nuove Caratteristiche
– supporto di diverse valute nei tuoi conti! Integra un editor di valute.
– Creazione di Categorie di Progetti; un progetto è un’etichetta per contrassegnare transazioni che hanno quancosa in comune tra loro, e visualizzarle in un unico pannello.
– Transazioni programmate e ricorrenti; iCash può creare automaticamente transazioni programmate e ricorrenti. Son utili per inserire operazioni ricorrenti nel tempo, come tasse, abbonamenti o il pagamento delle tasse.
– Importazione OFX e QFX; iCash adesso supporta anche il formato di importazione OFX (Open Financial eXchange). Questo è una specifica unificata per lo scambio elettronico di dati finanziari tra istituzioni finanziarie, aziende e consumatori. È molto comune con le banche online e si basa sul formato standard XML.
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Tutti coloro i quali sono in possesso della versione registrata di iCash 2.x oppure iCash 1.x possono acquistare un codice di aggiornamento alla nuova versione presso:

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iCash sarà il vostro contabile di fiducia, lasciandovi interagire con una
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iCash costa 25 Euro o Dollari, ed è acquistabile in via elettronica.
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Apple Store a Roma?

Secondo il sito il prossimo Apple Store europeo potrebbe essere a Roma, forse in via del Corso on in via Condotti.

Ecco cosa dice il sito Ifo Apple Store:

Apple will open an official retail store in Rome (Italy), its first entré into Continental Europe, fulfilling a promise that Steve Jobs made during the Regent Street (London) grand opening press event in 2004. The store will open during 2006, possibly along Via Condotti or Via del Corso.
Am I the last to know? Apple has eliminated the Keyholder position within the retail stores, and created a Sr. Assistant Manager position. The current Assistant Manage position will take over the duties of Keyholder.


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Grazie al nuovo servizio di Windows Live tutti i possessori di un dominio web potranno aprire gratuitamente un e-mail tipo tuonome@nomedominio.xx
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Have us host e-mail and IM for you in a domain you already own.

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WordPress 2.0 beta 1

Oggi è stata rilasciata WordPress 2.0 beta 1, la beta della nuova versione di WordPress, il famosissimo programma opensource per blog (su cui si basa anche questo sito). Fra le varie novità possiamo trovare l’utilizzo dell’interfaccia ajax e la possibilità di importare da feed rss post precedentempente salvati (molto utile anche nel caso in cui qualche persona dovesse cambiare piattaforma di bloggin e non volesse perdere tutti i suoi articoli precedenti). Inoltre nell’interfaccia di editing è stato aggiunto un editor wysiwyg e la possibilità di filtrare lo spam (nome plugin: Akismet).

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Orma nel web ci sono una miriade di servizi che permettono di sottoscrivere feed rss. Tanto per citarne alcuni: Bloglines, my yahoo, my msn, google reader.
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Su Mactv, all’indirizzo è disponibile una parodia dello spot “1984” comparsa in una puntata della famosa serie di cartoni animati intitolata Futurama.


RapidWeaver 3.2

Da ieri è disponibile per il download RapidWeaver 3.2, l’ultima versione del bellissimo software che permette di creare pagina web con una grafica eccezzionale in modo semplice e rapido.
La versione può essere scaricata gratuitamente per tutti coloro che avevano già acquistato precedentemente la 3.1 oppure può essere comprata alla modica cifra di $34.95 .


Mercatino iPod usati

Sul sito possiamo trovare una grande quantità di iPod usati e accessori per quest’ultimi ….. da visitare….

Segnalato da Davide


Cnet parla dei Mac intel

Su CNET è disponibile una recensione che parla del nuovo Mac os intel che è stato installato e provato dal sito su un Toshiba Portègè M300
Ecco il testo dell’articolo (in inglese):

Steve Jobs might not approve, but Apple’s latest operating system can be installed on any x86 hardware. How well does it function? Read our preliminary labs test to find out.
Back in June, when Apple boss Steve Jobs announced the platform change to the x86 architecture, some Apple-watchers could not believe their ears. Had Jobs not preached for years that Intel’s architecture was much too slow? But Apple’s slogan is not ‘Think Different’ for nothing. Its decision to support the x86 architecture lies in the unsatisfactory performance of the incumbent PowerPC processors — particularly in the lucrative and growing notebook market, where the IBM/Motorola-designed PowerPC chips clearly lag behind Intel’s CPUs.
Mac OS X will not be available on any old x86 PC, though, as Apple wants to retain control over its hardware platform. From the company’s point of view, this is an understandable position, as the margins on Apple-branded computers are much higher than is usual for standard x86 PCs.
Were Apple to put the x86 version of its operating system on general release, Dell would begin to manufacture Apple clones. This would put enormous pressure on the price of Apple’s own computers — something the company is naturally keen to avoid.
Related: Photos: iPod anatomy
Apple would prefer to manufacture and sell its own high-margin Macs, while denying companies like Dell the chance to endanger its hardware business. This is the motivation behind Apple’s decision to restrict the x86 version of Mac OS X to its own hardware.
When Steve Jobs announced the platform change, he publicly demonstrated Apple computers with Intel processors running an x86 version of Mac OS X. The OS is bound directly to the hardware by a special security chip. However, some developers have succeeded in circumventing this coupling, allowing the operating system to be installed on any x86 system, as this test report shows.

Link all’articolo originale


Aggiornamento J2SE 5.0 Release 3

Su aggiornamento software è disponibile un’ aggiornamento a J2SE 5.0 Release 3.

Altre informazioni:

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 Release 3 includes version 1.5.0_05 and improves functionality of J2SE 5.0 on Mac OS X v 10.4 Tiger 10.4.2 and later. This release does not replace the existing installation of J2SE 1.4.2.

For more details on this Update, please visit this website:


Aggiornamento a Graphic Converter

Nuovo aggiornamento a Graphic Converter (da

Cambiamenti della versione 5.7.3

–> Nuove Funzioni
– aggiunta la suddivisione di immagini RGB e CMYK in canali separati
– le cartelle di spostamento presentazioni da 1 a 10 possono essere usate anche per la creazione di alias come opzione
– opzione per effettuare il download da fotocamere digitali con supporto delle impostazioni IPTC
– il download da fotocamere digitali può essere effettuato automaticamente nella cartella immagini

–> Funzioni aggiornate
– icona nel browser che mostra il comando Sposta nel Cestino
– Il cambiamento IPTG nei documenti DNG aggiunge una risorse ANPA e non modifica i dati dell’immagine (browser)
– l’opzione converti e modifica supporta l’inversione della lista dei documenti (premendo i tasti Comando od Opzione)

–> Bug risolti
– risolto un raro crash che poteva verificarsi con Mac OS X v10.4.3 (riportato da pochi utenti)
– risolto un crash che poteva verificarsi durante l’apertura di un documento .pdf (cancellando il documento mentre il dialogo delle opzioni PDF è aperto)
– risolto un bug che poteva verificarsi durante l’importazione di documenti PICT (se il documento PICT contiene un rettangolo sbagliato)

Si consiglia l’aggiornamento a tutti.

Scarica GraphicConverter adesso, in prova gratuita per 30 giorni
dal sito:

Potrai acquistarlo comodamente a 28 Euro o più, a seconda della versione
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Su Italiaware potrai trovare anche Amadeus, software per la registrazione ed il ritocco audio, CADintosh per il disegno tecnico 2D, DiskTracker per la catalogazione dei vostri supporti magnetici, DragThing, l’evoluzione naturale del Dock di Mac OS X, URL Manager e Web Confidential, per catalogare bookmark in modo semplice e pratico, Web Dumper, per scaricare siti web e consultarli offline sul proprio disco rigido, ed iCash, il miglior gestore delle tue finanze personali.


101 modi per salvare Apple

Nel 1997 (quando Apple stava per fallire) il giornale Wired era uscito in edicola con una copertina che raffigurava una mela con del filo spinato intorno e con in fondo la scritta pray (che significa pregate). Nello stesso numero Wired proponeva un articolo nel quale citava 101 modi per salvare Apple dalla fine.
Quest’ultimi possono essere letti (in inglese) dalla pagina web

Ecco i primi 17 (da

Ammettere di non essere competitivi sull’hardware
Svendere l’interfaccia utente per lo sviluppo su mobile
Coccolare gli sviluppatori software indipendenti
Il presidente (allora era Gil Amelio) avrebbe dovuto lavorare un anno gratis
Dare nomi significativi ai prodotti
Scusarsi con gli utenti per i prodotti scadenti
Non sparire dalle catene di vendita
Cospargersi il capo di cenere pubblicamente (negli spot) con una canzone tipo “Ain’t too Proud to Beg” (traduzione: “Non sono troppo orgoglioso per mendicare”)
Licenziare i responsabili delle previsioni di vendita
Lanciare una grandiosa campagna di branding
Non imitare gli aspetti peggiori dei concorrenti
Creare una campagna pubblicitaria aggressiva
Spaventare gli utenti Wintel con lo spauracchio dello schermo nero del DOS
Rinnovare il design dei prodotti
Abbandonare i mercati minori delle periferiche (PDA, scanners, …)
Coccolare i clienti
Sviluppare applicazioni business


Mic & Mac

Guarda il divertente cartone animato che narra la storia d’amore fra un computer Macintosh e uno Windows.


iMacintosh User Group

Ormai è da circa due settimane che è nato iMacintosh, Italia Macintosh User Group, che può essere raggiunto dal sito internet



WEB 2.0 Validator

Il sito vi informa gratuitamente se il vostro sito web è WEB 2.0 o no….


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